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Increase Your Business Earnings
With A Single App

Allow your customers to open your menu and order with a simple scan

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- We give you the ability to live update your menu 24/7 with a push of a button

- You can set up unlimited translations for your menu so you can forget about language barriers

- Your customers can see your menu and make their order with a simple scan through their phone

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- We keep track of your stock, calculate and notify you when you are running low

- We calculate your stock and automatically disable menu items that have ingredients out of stock

- You do not have to worry about your stock tracking anymore, we got your back

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- We analyze your orders and provide you with useful statistics that can help with optimization

- You have the ability to know at any time your business and items performance

- You can gain a clear understanding of your business's strong and weak points in the blink of an eye

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Happy Customers

- Your customers do not have to wait for a waiter to order even at the most active hours of the day

- Your customers are able to get serviced in their own language with a press of a button

- Your customers will get exactly what they ordered without having any chance of a waiter mistake

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Profit increase

- With ordering being so easy customers tend to make a second order increasing your profits

- By automating the ordering process waiters can serve more customers, way faster

- Change your menu on the spot without having to spend any money on printing

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Business Upgrade

- Use E-STATS to acquire important information about your business sales in an instant

- Use E-STOCK to manage your stock for you and inform you when re-stock is being needed

- Your staff can use E-WAITER to manage and take orders with our easy to use interface

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